Sunday, August 23, 2009

Swordfish with pistachio and basil pesto

I wondered for some time if the combination of basil and pistachio nuts would taste good with swordfish. On the internet   On the net I found info of the combination of swordfish and basil but nothing on pistachio, so I had to try for myself.

I really liked it.  I found the taste well balanced and enjoyable.  Try it yourself and then tell me.

If there's only two of you,  you'll have enough extra pesto left over for a second time. :)

SWORDFISH pistachios and basil pesto

Serves two

2 medium sized slices of swordfish,
30 g. of tender basil leaves,
30 g. of fresh  pistachios,
4 or 5 tablespoons of e.v.o. oil,
a pinch of salt,

In traditional pesto recipes basil is not meant to be washed. But another story. So very quickly wash the basil and dry it. Tritarlo insieme ai pistacchi e al sale nel mortaio o in un piccolo frullatore capace di fare un trito sottilissimo. Crush them with pistachios and salt in a mortar or small food processor can do a very fine mince. Aggiungere un po' d'olio alla volta. Add a little 'oil at a time. Se invece il pesto lo volete conservare qualche giorno non aggiungere tutto l'olio, bensì solo un paio di cucchiai e metterlo in un barattolino. But if you want to keep the pesto a few days do not add all the oil, but only a couple of tablespoons and put it in a jar. Coprirlo con un po' d'olio per far si che la superficie non sia a contatto con l'aria. Cover it with a little 'oil for making one's area is not in contact with air.

Either grill the swordfish or cook on a griddle for a few minutes, serve seasoned with the pistachio pesto. Place a bit of it on the fish and a little on the side so that you can still dip fish in the pesto.


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