Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Carnaroli Rice and Friendship

During the Pirandelliana (a theatre event taking place in summer here in Rome), a dear and thoughtful Friend, who usually  arrives with all kinds of nice goodies for us when she comes to see the plays (in previous years she has usually arrived with dinner for two, worthy of the most elegant picnic, ideal  to restore us after working hard and starving until late while helping at the box office ), This year brought, - although unaware of my membership in "Cucina Italiana- a microwave safe cooking stone she purchased in Germany, a black truffle and last but not least a beautiful packet of carnaroli rice, accompanied by the following  handwritten message that I appreciated so much, because sometimes a small gesture, the time and care put into doing something  say so much about a person:

"This rice is the onlyone that has PDO (protected designation of origin)  in Italy


 1 cup of rice serves two
 2 cups cold water

Put the rice and water in a saucepan (preferably nonstick), cover with lid and place on the heat.  When the water is almost totally absorbed mix a bit and then serve with gravy, sauce or whatever you want.  It does not stick and does not require any attention. "

Yesterday night Marcowebmaster exhibited himself in cooking a truffle risotto that due to poor lighting  was not photographed before being engorged by the two of us. We'll make it again sometime and give you a full report.

 I put the rest of the rice away. I'm saving it for the recipe that  Ale (Menu Turistico) published for us in her column: "chi la fa la aspetto" - the game consists in following a given recipe by a famous chef  and  photographing what turns out  . I read one of the recipes and I thought: I've got most of the ingredients!  I've got carnaroli rice ! Where to get the squid ink had already been the subject of several jokes on the forum, and seeing that Diana (from Bordighera - only 700 km away) no longer had any in her pantry I could borrow :)), this morning I set out looking for it.  Easy! The first SMA supermarket I stopped at had it in the chiller cabinet and the cashier was so nice that she went to get it for me. With these two essential ingredients already in the pantry there are no excuses. I have to take part in Ale's "game". The only problem is that Marcowebmaster doesn't exactly love prawns. It's going to take me some time to convince him.

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