Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011 from the Land of Oz

This video comes from one of the places where the New Year arrives first, and that's Australia. As you know the Sydney Harbour Bridge comes to light :) and at midnight on New Year's Eve the fireworks go up.

When I used to live there from my teenager's room I used to be able to see the top of the Harbour Bridge from the opposite direction compared to where you are looking because the suburb I lived in was on the west of the bridge.

From one of the public parks at the end of the peninsula of Hunter's Hill, the bridge could be seen well and so the fireworks.

One year, with my Uni friends who were spending New Year's Eve with us, we drove down to the park to watche the fireworks. We were the only ones there. In the suburbs everything was quiet. If you wanted to look for a crowd you'd have to go to the City.
 As you can see there are several boats folloing the event from the bay.

Today I talked to a dear family friend that still lives there and I particularly care for. Doing that made me think of Sydney and I thought You might like to see how people spend New Year's Eve if they feel like being among the crowd.

On the other hand in Rome people came from all over Italy to watch  Claudio Baglioni's concert. The stage was just at the foot of Capitol Hill.

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