Friday, November 20, 2009

Roast meat with pomegranate

This dish is tasty and rich in vitamins. In fact, pomegranates contain vitamin B, C and  E and antioxidants.  In Europe they are in season in October and November. In the land downunder and southern hemisphere in general they are at their best from March to May.
Hurry up, while this fruit is still available, try this recipe!!!



a pork fillet or pork chine,
three pomegranates,
a large onion,
half a glass of white wine,
e.v.o*. oil,

Open the pomegranates and take out the arils. Set aside half of them and squeeze out the juice of the rest using a centrifuge or masher or juicer or any equipment that best suits you. Chop the onion.

Salt the meat, pour 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil* in a pot and add onion, (I do this before turning the heat on , so that the oil doesn't heat up too much) add salt and pepper and cook on low heat, when the onion is cooked, put the meat in the pot and turn it several times.

Add the wine, being careful not to lower the temperature of the meat at once (add it slowly and not on the meat). When the roast is about half cooked (after about 20 minutes) add the pomegranate juice.

Place the lid on the pot and continue to simmer, covered or semi-covered turning the meat every now and then.

After about 40 minutes turn the heat off and add the whole pomegranate arils previously set aside, they must not be cooked, but only be tossed quickly in the sause, otherwise they will change color and lose their vitamins.

Serving suggestion:
Put the meat in the centre of the platter and the pomegranate arils all around.

How to open a pomegranate

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